Past Courses


We offer thesis topics for both Bachelor’s and Master’s students from the computer science programs at RWTH Aachen University. Any thesis offered will require at least some basic knowledge of security and solid programming skills (we primarily use Python and C/C++). Furthermore, candidates for a Master’s thesis should have taken at least one advanced security lecture, preferably Industrial Network Security.

There is no pre-defined list of topics. Instead, thesis topics are offered based on current research as well as student interest and background. To get some idea which kind of topics we are currently working on, you can consult our current research projects and recent publications.

If you are interested in writing a thesis at our group, please directly reach out to Prof. Martin Henze. Be sure to use your university e-mail address and provide the following information in your e-mail:

  • Your full name and student id
  • Your study program and current semester
  • Anticipated start and end date for your thesis
  • List of relevant courses you have taken and a current transcript of records
  • Detailed information on your programming skills (more than a simple list of programming languages)
  • Any potential preference regarding the topic or type of work
  • Your favorite chili pepper and/or dish featuring chili peppers

As we receive many requests from students, our answer might take some time. Any requests following the above instructions will definitely receive an answer. Finally, if you are unsure whether you should write your thesis at our group, we recommend that you first take a seminar or lab with us. Typically, this gives students a good idea of what we expect from you and what you can expect from us.

We do not supervise external theses, i.e., topics defined and advertised by a company or a research group outside the department of computer science. However, it is possible to carry out a thesis with close links to industry in the context of already established research cooperations. These topics will solely be defined by us.

Depth Oral Colloquium (Schwerpunktkolloquium)

The Depth Oral Colloquium should cover at least three modules (comprising 12-18 credits). Two of them have to be courses offered by SPICe, i.e., our lecture Industrial Network Security and either one of our seminars or labs. Note that these courses should have been taken at the Master level (i.e., not a seminar taken at the Bachelor level). The third module has to be an additional elective lecture at the Master level with a topical link to the other courses (e.g., IT Security 2 or Advanced Internet Technology). Depending on the third course you propose, the Depth Oral Colloquium will either be examined by Prof. Martin Henze alone or jointly with a colleague. In the exam, you should show that you are able to comprehend the topics, explain the overall relationships of the focal subject, recognize content-related references, and combine results from different areas.

To organize a Depth Oral Colloquium, contact Prof. Martin Henze using your university e-mail address and provide

  • Your full name and student id
  • Your study program and current semester
  • The courses you want to be examined in and the semester in which you have taken them
  • Rough preferences for the examination date

Especially if two examiners are involved, the depth oral colloquium should be planned well in advance.