2024-03 Sotiris and Spicy travel to the UAE to present our Poster under the 5G-Sierra project at the 22nd International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Securit.
2024-01 Sotiris presents our research within the 5G-Sierra project at the Forum for Uniting Security Experts in 5G.
2023-11 Excited to share that our paper on middlebox-aware end-to-end security for industrial communication has been accepted at ACM ASIACCS 2024!
2023-11 Our heartfelt congratulations go to our student Olav for receiving the ICT Young Researcher Award 2023!
2023-09 Our paper on aggregating message authentication codes on lossy channels has been accepted at ACNS 2024!
2023-09 We are currently looking for student assistants to work with us on cyber security for industrial 5G/6G communication (more details).
2023-08 Sotiris joins our group as researcher and PhD candidate, καλώς ήρθες!
2023-08 Papers accepted for publication at ESORICS 2023 and USENIX Security 2024!
2023-07 A warm welcome to Thomas who joins our team as a researcher.
2023-06 Jörn joins our team as a researcher and PhD candidate, welcome!
2023-05 We are finally open-sourcing Wattson, our virtual testbed to comprehensively analyze the impact of cyberattacks on power grids (corresponding IEEE EuroS&P 2023 paper).
2023-04 Large kick off workshop for the PlusMoSmart project to secure wireless communication for utility providers.
2023-03 Our interdisciplinary paper on privacy-preserving company benchmarking has been accepted at CAiSE 2023 (leading venue in information systems engineering).
2023-02 Kicking-off the 5G-Sierra project where we are working on securing 5G communication in industrial networks.
2023-01 Congratulations to our student Antoine who was awarded the ICT Young Researcher Award 2022!